Case study · Visual design for Julie


Looking back at your work feels always awkward, you realise how much you have learned and, sometimes, how stupid you were a few weeks ago. The visual design challenge for this one-week project was to design the visual interface for at least three screens of the first project I did in GA.

Brand qualities

The first problem I found was that I didn’t like my work at all. It looked too simple and not interesting at all. But I trusted the process and started working on the brand qualities.

Mood boards

Looking for inspiration I did a research in several languages, to discover some useful information.

Mood board: shopping
Mood board: clothing stores
Mood board: fashion typographies
Mood board: classic patterns found in clothing


Finally, I created an outline of my brand style book.

Brand colour
Some screens of the prototype
Evolution of information display and decision screen

Clickable prototype

If you want to pretend you are Julie, you are in a shop and you have found a very cute black clutch you don’t need whatsoever, check my prototype clicking here:

Pequeña por fuera, grande por dentro.